Home 2.0

Home 2.0 is an installation by Portuguese artist Joao Vasco Paiva (b.1979, Coimbra, Portugal) exploring the idea of domesticity and evolution.


London, UK


Joao Vasco Paiva


Estudio b, London





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Displayed on the rooftop of Bold Tendencies, a converted car park in Peckham, London, the installation was selected as one of the organisation’s 2018 art commissions focusing on ecology.

Composed of cob blocks – bricks made of compressed clay and straw – and organic material, the walls structure nods to vernacular architectures and forms of constructions common across different geographies around the world while the reused plastic debris and shards reference humanity’s own hands in the evolution of materials. A reference to our own creations and subsequent waste, but equally how it can be regenerated and reused.

SD Engineers worked closely with the artist and architect to ensure the structure would withstand the high wind loads experienced from the exposed location whilst maintaining the aesthetic intent.