Helen Noble

Structural Engineer

MEng (Hons)

Helen enjoys understanding and negotiating the interplay between technical, economic and social facets that impact engineering and architectural design. She’s a big team player and places great importance on building relationships with everyone she works with. She loves communicating with the various stakeholders involved in her projects, and problem solving to suit all requirements and needs.

Sustainable design is something Helen is passionate about and she feels that greater political and legal movement would support a more significant shift in the way projects are designed and built.  Many practices like ours are investing heavily in and delivering low carbon designs wherever possible, but clear guidance detailing tangible objectives and processes for all disciplines in the built environment would better affect change.

Helen is a keen climber. While studying at University of Sheffield, she frequently visited the Peak District to hike, climb, and explore the great outdoors! She also used to teach technical and safety skills as part of the university’s Mountaineering Club which helped develop her communication and problem solving skills. There’s less opportunity for climbing outdoors now she’s based in London but does still climb at least twice a week with close friends at centres like The Castle and London Climbing Centre.

My favourite thing about SD is the people – everyone is wonderful to work with and it makes the working day fly by!