Harry Furnival-Doran

Project Structural Engineer

BEng MEng

From Harry’s perspective, one of the most interesting aspects of engineering is that there’s a number of viable solutions to a single problem. He enjoys exchanging ideas with colleagues, studying their approach to complex projects, and delving into their previous work experience as it provides a great opportunity for learning.

Harry relishes the challenge of optimising his designs in relation to carbon and material efficiency and once the appropriate solution is identified he finds it incredibly rewarding. He’s taken on a proactive role within SD to develop our internal carbon counting process on projects, and is working on an internal study to determine how we might further optimise our approach to private house refurbishment and extension projects with respect to embodied carbon.

Harry is a LETI volunteer and work alongside other built environment professionals to put the UK and the planet on the path to a zero carbon future.

Outside of the world of SD, Harry enjoys cooking and has spent an enormous amount of time over the last two years perfecting his secret hot sauce recipe. We cannot disclose any more information at this stage!